A bit of grim

I flew out of Las Vegas for the family reunion on the night of the 23rd, that morning Dan had taken Scout out for a desert wog (walk/jog) and the dog across the street – Molly (I believe this subject has surfaced before here in Tango) – hopped over the fence after they had passed that property.

Dan got Scout on down the road and Molly went back home.  It’s a war between the two, if they are allowed anywhere near each other, both are female dominant aggressive.  The difference being that my dog doesn’t jump the fence to fight with other dogs, she barks and has a hissy fit but stays inside my property.

I called Jim (Molly’s master) after Dan returned and asked if he had put Molly back inside the fence.  I didn’t want Scout and Molly racing up and down my fence trying to have a battle.  He said yes.  He also said, “She sure is jumping the fence a lot lately.”

I’ve talked to Jim about this before.  Even asked him if he’d thought about putting up a small fence inside his fence that she could be contained in, like right off their step.  He said she didn’t like to be caged.

Umnhhhh…yah, jumping over the fence and chasing other dogs is a much better deal I’m sure.

I also mentioned to him that if she jumped it when someone else was walking their dog, and that someone was injured in the dogfight that he could have a lawsuit on his hands.

He said they were going to make their fence higher.  That was about two years ago.  Nothing has changed.

Cut to the day I flew out.  The following morning at 7:30 a.m. I got a call from Dan.  He had taken Scout out for the desert wog and before he even got past Jim’s place, Molly came flying out onto the street.

Dan’s description, “It was ugly.  There was blood everywhere.  I’m sure most of it was Molly’s but they ended up in a mouth lock and Scout got puncture wounds up in the bridge of her nose and her lower jaw is starting to swell.”

He went on to say that he was kicking at Molly and Jim came flying out of the house and managed to get control of Molly and put her in the house.  Dan got Scout home and went back to talk to Jim.

He told Jim that usually when his mom was walking the desert with Scout, she was packing.  He said that if Molly came over the fence again at Scout, his mom was going to fill her full of holes.

Dan told Jim also that he would be walking the following morning and he would be packing and if Molly came over the fence again at them, he would kill her.

If I had been home, I would’ve taken Scout to the vet and sent the bill to Jim, as it was, by the time I got home, with the flight delay and everything, Scout had started to heal and I let it go.

Poor Dan, he hurt his knee and was gimping around with a knee brace for the last 10 days.  He could barely walk the first week and he has a job where he’s on his feet all day.  Not only that, he had just got started back into a solid exercise routine and now he’s laid up for the next three weeks or so.

My poor Scoutie. I’m so unhappy over this whole turn of events.  I have an electronic collar for Scout when I walk her but I also put her on a leash until I get down past the neighbors house so she can’t run to his fence.  He has four dogs now and they all race up and down the fence barking like a bunch of loons when anything goes by, especially other dogs.  Jim’s dogs are rescues, which speaks highly of him IMHO.  Plus, he is a good-hearted and friendly soul but this is too much.

Molly has not been sighted in the yard.  I haven’t talked to Jim since I got home.

That’s it for tonight.

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