Will he or won’t he?

I wanted to title this Will they or won’t they? because there are more than singles here, there are multiples.

The ‘HE’ factor: Will Howard Lederer attend the 2013 World Series of Poker?

The ‘THEY’ factor: Any odds anywhere on that?  Will ‘they’ – ‘their’ – ‘them’ types put resources to the task or strike out singly in card rooms and sports books around the world to take odds?

If Lederer does attend the WSOP, will the odds figure that someone is going to try and beat him up – either verbally or physically – and have to be removed by security? Will Lederer himself takes odds?

And if Lederer did attend – and play – are there any odds on his winning a bracelet this year?

The ‘HE’ factor: Will Ray Bitar find a heart? That’s only the beginning of what’s up ahead.

The ‘THEY’ factor: The same as above stated but toss in all the poker forums and funds locked for two years now to Full Tilt Poker’s US players.

Heart transplants! Just starting the thought process of what that entails should put a jagged blade of ice into your spine. I am an organ donor and the thought of it – and recovery time – pulls the black shroud of death over my head. And just to remove all doubt, the black shroud is filled with flying jagged blades of ice. This site can fill you in on the procedure.

Someone has to die for Bitar to find a heart, unless it’s artificial or…are they using pig’s hearts now or am I wa-a-a-a-a-y out of the loop and that stopped? Then they have to have some type of compatible match in their blood and tissue. Figuring the latest report on Bitar was about six months if he didn’t have the transplant.

I certainly don’t have facts and figures on any of it but I believe Bitar is questioning his chances for surviving the surgery – if he finds a heart donor. And if he doesn’t, his own internal gloom over where he’s landed in life and what he has to look forward to could be reasons for him to ‘flip his own switch’ and do a mental suicide when he’s in surgery.  Yah…I believe in that.

So, let’s say he gets a heart, he survives surgery, now he looks forward to living on disability the rest of his life with all of his $40 million + houses being forfeited to the Department of Justice and always hoping he doesn’t reject the heart and all the drugs he will need just to stay alive will be available and he can afford them…and he will never have to cross paths with some of the ‘hate-birds’ in life.

That’s my opinion only on how I see his situation with me in his place.  It’s the facts, not a ‘sympathy tale,’ just the facts. Instead of having the masses cheering and praying for him to make it, there are many that will be doing the opposite. Google him to read some of it. There’s something to be said about combining collective thought…but then, maybe that’s why he needs a new heart. Be careful what you think, it can boomerang with devastating consequences.

Is Bitar doing a background check on his surgical team…maybe they have/had Full Tilt Poker accounts? I am sick, but these are things I would be thinking about…color me suspicious and untrusting. Oh Yeah!  Paranoid too.

Who is footing the bill for the surgery and after care? Just curiosity on my part but I’m guessing the state of California and possibly some Social Security special programs if he’s already qualified for being disabled – and the federal government. After all he is going to be a pauper and need very costly procedures, drugs, and after care.

Bitar made a statement according to Dave Behr at FlushDraw.com that went like this:

“I regret my actions. I know they were wrong and illegal. I am very sorry,” he said. “I’m very sorry for the problems that Full Tilt Poker got into. It never should have happened.”

“I must thank the people who stood by me,” Bitar added. “In adversity you learn who your friends really are.”

Another curiosity on my part, is he apologizing solely for his actions in running Full Tilt Poker into the ground? I find that hard to believe, that he alone was responsible for the whole mess, but then it doesn’t matter what I believe on that count.

My prediction is that Howard Lederer will go to the World Series of Poker this year. And play.

I can’t predict anything on Ray Bitar. I can honestly say I don’t like his chances. I can also say that I would never wish bad things on other people…although a few I’ve wished would go live in the Bermuda Triangle for life or 3,000 years…which ever comes first.

I’m sure someone, somewhere, is setting the odds on the topics of my post today.


3 thoughts on “Will he or won’t he?”

  1. Supposedly the courts left him enough money to pay for the heart transplant. How much more, who knows. I haven’t read anywhere how he’s paying his defense team, or where he’s living (or how), but from the casual air about it all it’s the confession the Feds really want from these people (which justifies the expense of the investigation and enforcement of the illegal aspects of it).

    Lederer will probably play, yes, sir. On the other hand, why shouldn’t he? The heckle factor might be high, agreed. And a pity some one will lose their buy-in doing the heckle. I’d be curious to see which “Professional” gambler’s gather about and socialize with him.

    And how many are On-line players. There are so few structured players out there, and so few that really care beyond their own life facts.

    1. I’m going to try and hit the Series one day of each week during the insanity. I will do my best to look around and see if I spot Howard Lederer, more for curiosity sake I suppose. I have no animosity or anger towards him, I still think he just got caught in a complete blitz and had no idea how to turn it around…just MHO.

      Bitar? I do feel badly for him that he’s in such dire need of medical work. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  2. I found this link on the cost of a heart transplant in 2007. http://www.ehow.com/about_4673173_much-does-heart-transplant-cost.html
    I can’t help but wonder if the feds are helping him with the medical costs and if he’s receiving priority on a donor heart.
    On Lederer at the Series, I don’t know how he would even feel comfortable heading into the bathroom or any place else without some security people around. I’ve read some pretty nasty stuff out there on ‘hate’ talk and you can’t be too careful these days.
    I have to admit, the whole FTP/shareholders situation has just left me shaking my head so many times. I suppose the only resolution to it is just the passing of time.

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