At the end of the day

I think about all the things I haven’t yet accomplished – and then I drink a gallon of wine and just forget about the whole damned thing. Not exactly. I’m not drinking the gallon of wine but some days it’s a glass or three.

Yet I can’t help but wonder what this freak thinks about at the end of the day. The father of 30 kids with different women – I’m having a difficult time getting a picture of this guy as he goes about his daily life. I can’t even begin to pull any semblance of sanity out of the air on what these women were doing – oh yeah, I know they were spreading their legs – but why?

Speaking of spreading their legs, Sis had a friend – Linda – that flew in to spend a few days with her. The three of us went to Shari’s Ranch for lunch. It was fun. The gift shop was disappointing, stupid baseball caps and a few t-shirts. Boo Hiss!


I had a birthday earlier this month. It was quite a day. My sneaky sis set up a surprise birthday lunch for me with a few friends and my son came out from Vegas. It was the first surprise party I’ve ever had – and she pulled it off perfectly, I had no idea. It was fun and the food was great!


For some reason Jon Bon Jovi won’t get out of my head lately. Maybe I can stick him in yours. Hee hee!


Scout and I’ve been out trolling the raven’s nest in the late afternoon and sure enough, there’s a bird’s head appearing now and then. Last year seven ravens came out of that nest.


Craziness going on sometimes with kids and grandkids and life in general. I need to start a private diary and write about it. Seriously, I can’t air it out here and writing it somewhere else would seem appropriate so I can go back and read it a few years from now and feel just like I do when it’s happening now – LIKE I WANT TO PUKE!


The truck driving duo really aren’t truck driving anymore. They’ve been home F-O-R-E-V-E-R now and who knows if they will ever go back out? We started a chain link fence project that will go across the back of our properties and up the west (desert) side of my place. The neighbor on the east side of them already has a chain link fence. I have field run fence (that’s what’s between our properties and will remain for awhile) completely surrounding my property and the plan is to replace that up to the road/front of my property on the desert side.

We had the great-property-stake search. We found most stakes but couldn’t locate those on the front of the property, even with a metal detector and some major dirt moving. A pdf file from the county planning commission spelled it all out. The field run fence on the west side is about 5 feet outside of my property line. What I thought was mine isn’t. I planted a few rose bushes, a number of cluster berry bushes, and had a Same Day Shade car cover on someone else’s property. The car cover was mostly on mine but it was going to be a problem.

The car cover was moved yesterday…PITA! The bushes will wait until this fall before they come property side. Damn!!! What are people thinking when they do shit like that? In a way it’s funny. Like putting a fence in gives you claim to someone else’s land, squatter’s rights.


The WSOP is here. It’s going to be another year without me being there. I would love to play some events but I can’t see how it can happen. *sniff* I’ll just pout this one out and hope for better times down the road.

On that note, I’m outta here…

4 thoughts on “At the end of the day”

  1. BDay, Kiddo. Many more.

    Know the pain of property lines. My village took years before they found what belonged to who.

    Didn’t make the villagers happy when they had to destroy numerous out buildings either.

    You’re wise making it a priority from the get go.

  2. Thank you Ten Mile.

    Nice of you to stop in and extend wishes – and that property line thing would make me crazy if someone bought that lot in a few years and my vines and bushes were growing beautifully – and we had laid in the fence line, concrete holes for the posts, etc., – and then I found out I had to move it all.

    Life is too short to spend it stressed better this way.

  3. Not suggesting it but… Squatting on another’s property for a period of time conveys title. As I recall that varies from state to state and the occupancy must be “open and notorious” in nature. Seems a fence would do that. I’d think that’d at least let you get away with leaving the fence in place.

    There is a lot of that kind of required defense in the law with copyrights being the poster child.

  4. Ken, Thanks for stopping in. I’ve been so lax about posting…brain dead…anyway, this modular house was set on this property somewhere around 20-30 years ago, and who knows how long that fence has been there? I have no intention of removing it…unless I hit it big and can buy the barren piece of land next to me. 🙂

    Since the fence has been there for who knows how long and way before I bought the property, I don’t see that I would have a responsibility to remove it.

    Still having a difficult time figuring what they were thinking when they decided to just throw the fence in.

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