Easter Sunday and Gabbing

Happy, happy everyone! Take the stress out of your life and eat a chocolate bunny today. Yeah…chocolate cures the ills of the world. I wish I had some right now. Instead I’m coming off one of the worst sessions of feel-bad that I can ever remember having.

Riot was here a few weeks ago, he became horribly ill early a.m. on the last night of his stay. Like the throwing up kind of ill, coughing, fever, and all those things that torment your body so badly your mind wants to blow up with it. Long and short of it was that he finally fell asleep about 2pm and I took him home to momparental a few hours later. He was still miserable but had stopped spewing what little was left of the contents of his stomach into a bucket.

He ended up in ER on Monday evening and was transferred to another hospital along about 3am, having received a variety of things to check out his stomach because he was in horrible pain by then, he was hooked up to an IV and all the fun stuff a really miserably sick 8 year old just loves the hell out of. They – and I – thought his appendix was the problem, as momparental kept in touch with me through texts during the night. It wasn’t. He had a bowel obstruction. He must have also had something captured from other kids at school since 5 of them were out sick in his class that week.

I ended up with a major bronchitis attack and a not very happy stomach also but it wasn’t the ‘spew’ type of thing. My sinuses were crazy, my brain was crazier because I went to bed on one of those nights thinking I would die in my sleep. No problem, my biggest concern was if I would be allowed to ride my broom into heaven…do they allow brooms? Today is the best day of the last 8 days of all this fun I’ve been having. I believe I will live now – for awhile longer anyway – and keep my broom available for trips when needed.

I had one coughing fit late night that blew a muscle in my lower back ribcage. It’s hurt to cough ever since, but even that is finally easing up. And of course the wind blew, horrific blasts across the land, all during the worst days of my not being well…no little burst of sunshine through the clouds to make things appear brighter. I don’t do sick very well, never have. Frankly, it’s just not supposed to happen to me.

Two nights ago the temperature dropped to freezing. Two fruitless mulberry trees I planted last year had just burst into leaf bud and I was really thrilled to see the new growth coming in…it’s all black and ugly right now. Poop, shit, hell! Yah, it’ll all come back but I’m a real plant person and it didn’t make me happy. There were other trees on my place that froze too. *sniff*

Poker? Who knows? I wish I was able to play online poker. I do miss it. But this post isn’t about poker, it’s about me, me, me, so moving along.

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook page – BTW I don’t feel I have to clarify my views on religion to laugh my ass off at this, if you are offended…that’s your problem. Check it out here!

My brother Kenny has some very serious issues going on right now, it’s all liver related, Hepatitis C (that’s a long story, the short version is that for the last few years something kept showing in test results but never positively pointed to anything until this last year when the Hep was diagnosed) and cirrhosis of the liver. It’s ugly. The drugs needed to attempt a cure will cost around $180K. That obstacle appears to be overcome a bit by some medical companies giving the meds away through his Dr. The worst of it is that he will continually bombard his system with shots, pills, and who knows what all for a year. They don’t even know if the cure will work for him…it doesn’t for some people. I’m praying. I can’t imagine how shitty he’s going to feel taking all this stuff, you know the way medicine works, it cures one thing but causes problems in other areas while it’s curing. My poor baby bro!

My dog has separation anxiety. She won’t go out of the house with anyone but me, include my sons and Riot in that. She has to be with me…her thinking anyway. Once in awhile I trick her into going outdoors alone…it’s the wicked part of my character. If she would sit still on the broom I’d take her for a ride. I must admit that it’s kind of like being married in a sense, she has her nose in everything I do, I move, she moves. And it’s irritating at times. We haven’t walked the desert in the last 10 days, that’s a bad thing for her and me both. She does much better when she gets some decent exercise. All the rabbits have wised up, they stay off the property when she’s out and about so she doesn’t get exercise chasing them down either…poor girl! She really is dog anti-social or I would take her to a dog park or someplace she could mingle and romp with others of her own kind. Problem is she’s very dominant aggressive and she wants to fight with other dogs. She’s a treasure, a gem, a friend, a pal, and even when I’m snorty with her, she still loves me. That’s a good thing.

Soon the heat will hit the desert and we’ll be inside most of the time other than early a.m. and late p.m. And the heat will hit the Rio with the WSOP, I find myself wondering if I will ever play an event. Maybe…just maybe.

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