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The Mizrachi brothers are adding their own line to WSOP history by being the second brother team to be at the final table in an event.  The other brothers are Ross and Barny Boatman in a 2002 PLO event finishing seventh and ninth.  Check out a couple of my pictures in this article.

This guy is having a birthday today.  I saw him yesterday as he was away from the table for a minute – texting – and we both hoped that he would have a really great birthday today…like the final table of the 50K Poker Players Championship, but alas, he was out in 16th place for 98,330.  Happy Birthday Andy, from one of your long time fans…even before you became a Full Tilt Pro.


Off to another subject that leaves me in complete awe that it is happening and I find it to be quite irritating…you figure out why.  Sitting between the Pavilion and Amazon Room is this:


It looks innocent enough, one side is labeled Women, the other Men…that is until a break hits the tournament rooms.  Then security (or a Harrah’s employee)  and a porter stand outside the Women’s bathroom which is now labeled Mens, and keeps the women from entering because, as stated by a Harrah’s bathroom blocker, “there are a lot more men than women.”  No shit?

But, but, but – that now forces the women to go further down the hall to the restrooms that are available when one walks down the hallway from the Rio Casino and enters the convention center area – and there’s a ‘mens’ there too…the distance from the Amazon room is a bit of a trek.  Hold your legs together ladies and just trudge on down because we need to make it more convenient for the men.

But don’t worry, after the break it reverts back to a woman’s room.

The next thing that irritates MOI about it is that there are no urinals in the women’s room and anyone that has been around men peeing knows they splatter.  Does a porter go in with a hose and rinse down the walls and the floor of each stall?  Doubtful. I listened to Alma McClelland (Jack’s wife) years ago when she said she sets a towel on the floor by her seat and sets her purse on it because she never knows what happened on the carpet before she got there…I took it to heart and figured best not to set any bags or such on the floor in the bathrooms either – include the women’s bathroom in that because a lot of women stand up over the toilet to pee and they make a bigger splatter mess than men do.  I can’t help but wonder what their shoes and the back of their legs and pants look like after a day of that.

I’ve only been tagged by security three times so far because my camera uses a red hologram grid to measure the distance between the subject and the lens, today was the third time as I started taking shots of a ‘resumed’ WSOP event.  The security guy was quite nice, and I explained about the red grid and that it wasn’t video, even showing him the play back of digital stills I had taken.  I’m sure there will be more coming on that.

Time for me to find a salad…or a nap…I’d better go for the salad.  Laters.

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