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I did snag a few pictures, even though they were snorty/snotty about it from management side. I posted in the PokerWorks forum about the first hand I won in the blogger tournament, mainly because I do like to have input from people on playing, especially since I’m trying to develop my online skills for the Chasing Chris project. And because I’m serious about improving my play…really, really.

The few pictures I got this time:

DSC04974.JPG DSC04976.JPG DSC04977.JPG DSC04978.JPG

DSC04982.JPG DSC04983.JPG DSC04988.JPG DSC04989.JPG

DSC04985.JPG DSC04986.JPG DSC04987.JPG DSC05010.JPG
DSC04991.JPG DSC04992.JPG DSC04993.JPG DSC04996.JPG

Falstaff has an article up on PokerWorks about the Blogger’s Winter gathering, and he did a fantastic job of setting everything up for us for this tournament and the weekend. And he looked great. He’s lost a ton of weight. I thought I had him and friends locked into a hike on Sunday but his MRS. had a bum foot and we didn’t go. Ahhhh…another time.

I had a great time seeing everyone and playing poker at MGM on Friday night. I got to visit with CC, ex PokerWorks blogger and friend, he’s always a treat. Jen Leo and Schecky were two of the first people I stood and visited with as I got harped at by management about picture taking. I got to visit with Jordan and PokerPeaker while we were in the game. (I confess right now to not having the energy to link up to everyone – or maybe I’m just lazy). I got a hug from FTrain, and found out that he’s happily snared in the warm circle of romance and roses (good for you) and so is BobbyBracelet…good for you too Bobby.

I managed to find Drizz and BobbyBracelet in the food court at the Venetian – the day of the tournament – after stopping in the poker room to ask everyone and their dog if they would go eat with me before the tournament started. They all politely said they had just eaten – maybe it was me, they just didn’t want to hang with blog mama linda. Even though Drizz and Bobby were finished eating, they sat with me and visited while I downed my meal. Thanks Guys!
I called Iggy on my way to the Venetian, left him a message because obviously he didn’t answer, and the last I’d seen of him, he was still at the sport’s bar at the MGM when I left…damn he looked like he was having a good time and I figured he might still be there as I drove on.

Pablo and Gracie stopped by to say “Hi” and share a hug, Maudie and I went to find a great hamburger after we got knocked out of the tournament – and had played $4-8H together for a few. It was a fantastic burger, and the company was tops.

I love Otis, Pauly, and Al and we were part of the first blogging winter festival which gives us a nice bit of history. Joseph Smith Jr. and Sr. arrived to take a few pictures and say hello – and they were part of our first gathering too. Four whole years have gone by. Pretty damned incredible that a bunch of chicken scratchings here on the internet got together because of a deck of cards and a few chips. We do have more fun than the law allows…and we try to beat each other up in a game of poker. SWEET!

There are too many names and faces to list, somewhere around 120 of us took to the green felt at 3 p.m. I had a great time. I have more little minivideos-youtube blurbs, but I think I will leave them where they are, in my care so I can look back and enjoy.

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