In a trailer down by the river

The good life. My little home on wheels, just kickin’ back, playing a little poker on the internet, working on the website, looking out my side window on a fairly calm, sunny afternoon. The blight appears. Perhaps if he were fully clothed, he wouldn’t appear as a blight, but he’s coming from the wash house, wearing a towel over his arm and a pair of gym shorts, and his bulging stomach precedes his step by two feet. Just as he reaches his little section of tarmac, right outside his little home on wheels, he puts one finger to the side of his nose and shoots snot out to the side. Guess he didn’t want to step in his own snot.There are three laundry rooms/wash houses in the park I live in; one is about 20 feet from the coach. Usually, one can find a time of day that all of the three wash machines are empty at the same time…that’s about the extent of my laundry. The laundry rooms used to stay open 24/7 – each lot space has a key – but some retarded vandals broke in and robbed the machines and messed it up for everyone. Now the laundry is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A week ago I managed to arrive at the wrong time and found two machines open when i needed three; I went with it, and went back and forth about four trips before I managed to finish all the wash. As I was waiting for the last load to finish in the dryer, another gent was moving his wash into a dryer, and a couple were doing their laundry – one load each – in the other two washers. I was folding clothes and really wasn’t paying much attention as conversation went back and forth between the three of them – and I’m guilty of carrying the iPhone with ear buds in.

Suddenly the guy, of the couple, exclaimed, “No! Not yet. Go ahead and put your quarters in, but wait. We have to synchronize our machines.”

WTF???? Two more times, within a 30 second time span, she reached to push the slot and he stopped her, finally allowing her to start her load at exactly the same time he started his. I wish he’d share some of his drugs with me.

I’ve never witnessed anyone having to synchronize washing machines before. Maybe it’s just people that live in trailers down by the river that do that. But I have witnessed people blow snot before, right on the sidewalks of mainstream cities. Ugh!

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  1. You don’t really find that syncronized washing machines machines are more disturbing that the snot shooter, do you?


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