Project City Center – long over due

These pictures were taken June 26th – the day the Security Guard tagged me and told me I had to delete all the pictures on my memory stick. This was the last time I posted an update on the Project – it was at night. And this is the last update in daylight. So we’re off and running with the June photos.

From left to right, facing Las Vegas Blvd. from the 10th floor of the employee parking garage. The first one is a shot of the grounds between the garage and the Cosmopolitan (it’s growing by leaps and bounds too, used to be a hole in the ground about five stories deep). The second one is the Cosmopolitan with most of the hole filled with building and construction. The third one is some of the Cosmopolitan and mainly Harmon. All of them are taken facing the Strip. The fourth one is the building that sits almost against the Employee parking garage (this view is to the left or the North side).
Picture_010.jpg Picture_011.jpg Picture_012.jpg Picture_013.jpg

The first one is the same building as #4 above only this is the BIG picture. The second one is the same building only from the right side (South side). The third one is between the building in #2 – showing Harmon and construction in the grounds – and the original building that started the whole project (the one on the right).

Picture_014.jpg Picture_023.jpg Picture_025.jpg

The original building from left to right – this side faces Harmon, the Strip is dead ahead.

Picture_026.jpg Picture_028.jpg Picture_029.jpg

In the first picture, Harmon is in this mess (running East to West), this is the area between the Employee Parking Garage and the original building. The 2nd picture is the far right of the original building, ground shot, and looks like a valet area (but where are you Worker Bee?). The third picture is the BIG picture of picture two.
Picture_030.jpg Picture_035.jpg Picture_036.jpg

Picture number one, another building is moving up fast – at the end of the original building. The next two are shots of the new building – facing South towards Mandalay Bay, Frank Sinatra Drive is on the far right.
Picture_039.jpg Picture_041.jpg Picture_043.jpg

The construction is ongoing, 24/7. The third picture shows the height of the original building in comparison to the 10th floor of the employee garage.

Picture_045.jpg Picture_051.jpg Picture_054.jpg

From the casino parking garage, this is the Cosmopolitan as it looms over the Jockey Club.

Picture 036_1.jpg

The Project from the casino garage, the area on the left is the Cosmopolitan, straight ahead is the original building, on the right is the building that sits next to the employee garage (looking South towards Mandalay Bay).


These are a few shots of the model:

Picture 026_1.jpg Picture 027_1.jpg

These are individual building models:

Picture 030_1.jpg Picture 029_1.jpg Picture_031.jpg Picture_032.jpg

Will I ever do another Project update from the 10th floor? Umnhhh…. Time will tell. There isn’t much to see from up there now because the buildings are in the way of the view – or maybe they are the view. My next update will be horizon shots from different areas around the Project.

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  1. The building closest to the Bellagio Parking Garage is the Vdara Tower, the main resort, Pelli Tower, to the west of Pelli is the pool area, cabana’s, pool bar, ect… & administrative areas (the 5 story area directly off the west wing of the tower, the pool sits to the south) The "V" pillars you see winding through the site are the base of the people mover between Bellagio, CityCenter, and Monte Carlo. What you cant see to the east is Veer towers hotel/condo (due east of Pelli) and on the southwest corner of Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd is Harmon Tower (not yet out of the ground). South of this is the retail area and still further is the Madarin hotel/condo (Next to the Walgreens). Due south of Pelli is the Circ de Soli (spelling I know), then west of that is the convention center. South of that is more parking and the central plant for the entire site. Untwist your fingers now and wait, all of the towers on this site will be 500+ feet tall! Glad to see your still writing this with "the man" comin down on you! Look forward to the next update.

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