Night at Project City Center

It’s night time in Vegas for those that livethe daylight world, it’s my evening and time to do things I enjoy. Like, I signed the E/O-play list when I hit the room tonight. It was my Tuesday, the big tournament event is winding down, the Fontana Lounge was moving into the end of another mass of people, poker, and tournament tales. I did deal one down and that table broke as the tables were combined – actually I dealt one hand, a player went bust, time to combine.

I said hello to Amy, Pauly, Change100, and Tim Lavalii. Back to the main room to hang out for a bit and see where I would be going in the line-up and BOOM, I was out to play. I did manage to win $5 in a $4-8H game and have fun too. It whittled off a few hours of my night and then I was on the way home. I had my camera and decided I would hit the 10th floor of the employee garage for a few night shots of the Project.

This shot has me at the far NE corner of the garage, looking east at Planet Hollywood (used to be the Aladdin), the building between me and PH is the Jockey Club and, although it’s hard to see, the construction is moving in the hole around the Jockey Club – that will be the Cosmopolitan.


This is the building right between the Cosmopolitan dig and the employee garage, funny but it was barely there a few months ago, soon it will block a lot of my view of the area between the Strip and the employee garage. On the other side of it, is the first building that started the whole thing.


This shot is the top floor (for now) of the building above and shows the original building (in the background) in more detail – I’m almost in the middle of the garage for this shot, looking SE, you can see the top of the Monte Carlo in the background.


A little further towards the south end of the garage, looking down on Harmon towards the Strip:


From the middle of the south end of the garage, looking south towards Mandalay Bay, this is the original building (Worker Bee, help me out here), looks like glass is going in all the way around on one level. The framework on the right wasn’t there a month ago, it’s all moving very fast now.


This is the frame work on the right in the above picture, the freeway and Frank Sinatra Drive are on the right of this framework.


I need to do a ‘drive around’ picture taking fest. The overall picture is blooming rapidly and reaching huge proportions already. I hope I can keep up with it and track the progress without it becoming so big so fast that I can’t add to it. Time will tell.

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