Chantel McNulty

What a kick! I’ve only dealt to her one time, that was posted here, but I’ve visited with her briefly at the WSOP ’06, and at a game she was in last week as I purposely went to say hello to her when I was on a break. I’d been at the page area visiting with a dealer that had just dealt to Chantel. The dealer said there weren’t enough chairs in the room for players, let alone sweaters, and Chantel had an entourage that wanted to sit behind her. I chuckled. I could see the scene now, without even visiting the table, all guys lining up behind Chantel. I went to find her.

As advertised, there was one guy sitting behind her and two standing over her shoulder talking to her. I think she was in a $100-200 LH game from the look of the players and the chip colors. She started laughing when she saw me and told me that post about her was the funniest thing she’d ever read about herself as she handed me a redbird. She went on to tell me that I should have written more of the table play and game – hell, I wish I could have dealt that game for the rest of the night, it would have been a lot of fun just to watch the show. She also told me that the 7s, in that post,was a friend of hers.

Itold Chantelthatthe 7s and Ihad chatted online and we were on good terms with each other. Ben, don’t forget to tell her that when you see her next.

One of the guys standing behind her was Jon Friedberg. Ifirst met Jon through a mutual friend of ours from Montana. Jon is a WSOP bracelet winner and an all around winner at life in my book. We exchanged big hugs and hellos andhis reception of mebroughta ray of sunshine into the noise and confusion of the poker room.

While I drifted through the room, I stopped to visit with Nate and Skip (brush) in the high limit area. Somewhere from the time I left Chantel to my visit with Nate and Skip, Chantel was called to a main game. She walked up to us, with racks of chips, and stopped. “Here’s for my favorite brush,” as she handed Nate a greenbird. Then she said, “I can’t forget you,” handing one to Skip. And holy cramolie, she repeated the same with me, giving me a greenbird. WOW! She went on by to Table 14. I almost fell over.

My next down was on Table 5, right next to the table Chantel was playing at. I’m not sure if she even played at that table – maybe she just stopped by and decided to move on. She went by Table 5, chips still in racks, looked at the 5s and asked, “Why didn’t you get in our game, Bitch?” and kept moving to the cashier’s cage. *laughing my ass off*

The 4s did the original head jerk motion when she went by. He flipped around and asked, “Did you hear what she just said?That girl’sfunny!”

I thought so too.

So…she may have her mood days. She may be a typical poker player – funny and animated when she’s winning, sullen and angry when she’s losing. But I really hope not. I hope that what I’ve seen from her so far is how she is with life and herself and her view of the game. *game does not always imply poker*

IMHO Chantel rocks!

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