Project City Center VIII

As pointed out to me in a comment by ‘workerbee‘, I’m late with doing an update. Totally! Thanks for the nudge. The last update is here. The latest update is here.The wind was trying to take Vegas off of the map again today. Even from the 10th floor of the employee parking garage, I had dust floating in my eyes and wind tearing at my jacket. Ugh! Have I ever said how much I hate the wind? Hell YES!

To get to the 10th floor, I planned a trip around the Project from the East side to the West side. I decided to take a spin to the Strip on Harmon. Harmon dead ends at the Strip, running right into Project City Center. If one veers right (North) on the Strip, one can find Harmon again about 200 yards ahead on the left. Harmon has been closed since Project City Center started. It’s the main arterial for bringing equipment, goods, trucks, etc., across the interstate and Frank Sinatra Drive to the project. In one of these updates, I walked the Strip and climbed up on things to take pictures of the project behind the enclosed fence and green, plastic drape that hid everything from the public eye. In that update, I held my camera up over my head (above the fence) to take some of the shots. Now theProject buildings areway the hell over the top of that fence and I didn’t even get out of the Silver Steed for these.

This one is from a street away – hell if I remember the name of the cross street.


And this one is right at the intersection of Harmon and The Strip, I’m taking a left here so I can take a right off the Strip and jump onto Monte CarloDrive and it will take me to Frank Sinatra Blvd. and employee parking.


I stopped on Monte Carlo Drive, pulling into a gated off area that was manned by security (the gate was closed and appeared to be locked) and took the following shot as the security guard yelled at me wanting to know if ‘she’ could help me. Nopeā€¦just taking a picture. This is looking North, straight ahead behind the construction is the employee garage.


From the tenth floor, looking towards the Strip (East), on theNE end of the parking garage, this building is blooming right below my feet. At the Top of the picture, the hole you see is the Cosmopolitan that surrounds the Jockey Club, or will.


This is a pan of the East side of the employee parking garage, starting with Bellagio’s parking garage and moving across in four shots to as far as I can see from that side/angle of the garage. The street running through the pictures is Harmon.

a_l_r_1.jpg a_l_r_2.jpg a_l_r_3.jpg a_l_r_4.jpg

These shots pan from left to right, from the South end of the employee garage, first facing East to the Strip and then facing South to Mandalay Bay.

a_l_r_s.end1.jpg a_l_r_s.end2.jpg a_l_r_s.end3.jpg a_l_r_s.end4.jpg a_l_r_s.end5.jpg
a_l_r_s.end6.jpg a_l_r_s.end7.jpg a_l_r_s.end8.jpg a_l_r_s.end9.jpg

Of course I took a lot more pictures, close-ups of the middle section of the pictures above – and close-ups of the farther (is that a word?)regions of the pictures above. I left the employee garage and headed back up Frank Sinatra Blvd. to Monte Carlo Drive, backtracking my route. Except I continued on in to Bellagio’s parking garage as I had a luncheon date with Jim AKA The Monkey. He was in town for the weekend and believe it or not, he was going to leave the poker game to have lunch with MOI! Wow!

While in the casino/hotel parking garage, I took a few more shots of Project City Center. These two are between the main buildings of the Jockey Club, looking South, and mostly encompass what I can’t see from the top of the employee garage because the construction blocks my view. This area is also where the Boardwalk used to stand and where I used to park when I went in to work. Left to right.

a_jockey1.jpg a_jockey2.jpg

The next update will be in about a month. Thanks for visiting.

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