Project City Center VII

It’s been over two months since the last update – and it shows in the whole playing field that used to be part Boardwalk, Bellagio employee parking, tram to Monte Carlo, and Harmon Avenue as it connected to Las Vegas Blvd AKA The Strip. All of these photos were taken from the 10th floor of the employee parking garage.

I thought I had the perfect name/system for these photos, in order, so that I could make sense of them as I uploaded them to the server…well so much for thinking. I should be drinking – perhaps that would make it more reasonable and not quite as frustrating or exhausting. I eat and write with my left hand anddo almost everything else right-handed, although I am ambidextrous. I sometimes associate right to left in the wrong format, now I’m trying to straighten that out with the picture system. I hope it somehow all makes sense or I will start drinking.

This is from the north east side of the parking garage (closest to Bellagio) panning left to right, the giant hole is surrounding the Jockey Club, the street is Harmon, the MGM is behind the final shot, and I’m facing the Strip.

n.end.garage.l_r.jpg n.end.garage.l_r2.jpg n.end.garage.l_r3.jpg

The first shot is directly below my feet, something is being constructed there. The second shot is straight ahead, the Jockey Club and the construction hole of the up and coming Cosmopolitan.

e.belowmyfeet.jpg l_r_facing.e.jockeyclub2.jpg

This is from the middle of the parking garage, facing the strip, left to right.


This is a zoom of the ground activity of the two photos above.

l_r.belowmyfeet.1.jpg l_r.belowmyfeet.2.jpg l_r.belowmyfeet.3.jpg

From the south end of the parking garage, facing Monte Carlo, the freeway is on the right.

l_r_facings3.jpg l_r_facings2.jpg l_r_facings.jpg

A zoom of the distant parts of the project – same lay-out as the above photos.

l_r_facings_zoom3.jpg l_r_facings_zoom3a.jpg l_r_facings_zoom2.jpg l_r_facings_zoom.jpg

Close up – same view as above – Harmon Avenue is at the bottom of the picture, Frank Sinatra Blvd. and the freeway are on the right.

l_r_facings_close_up2.jpg l_r_facings_close_up.jpg

Traffic on Frank Sinatra Blvd. is unfreaking believable and it’s chopped back down to two lanes instead of four. It sucks! The big one! But being able to watch the “project” is pretty damn spectacular.

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