Project City Center VI

I may give up the Roman numeral system of Project City Center updates. The project is so far ongoing that I may not be able to figure out what the next one is at some point. Ok…now for all of you absolutely brilliant people, you can send them to me in an email or in a comment or send me theURL where I can bookmark it for future reference. Speaking of help, I’m wondering where my possible future husband went to. Marriage proposals, no questions asked, and then *BOOM* nothing. Perhaps someone else caught his eye…

You can visit the last Project City Center update here. To the Project. I have taken some night shots over the last month but it’s very difficult to see anything and clearly point out what part of the 67 some acres that certain things are happening on. So I managed some sleep Friday night, crawled out of my comfy, warm bed into a rather chilly coach, turned on the heat (propane furnace), made coffee, did some work on the ‘puter’, and finally dressed for the trip across town and the upper floors of Bellagio’s employee parking garage. It was damn chilly out, kind of a dismal, gray sky, almost bordering on rain, and when I passed a corner on Nellis Blvd., just before turning on to Tropicana, I saw someone asleep on the sidewalk, underneath covers that looked like they used to be white another life time ago, shopping cart sitting beside the sleeping form, and truthfully, I thanked God and the universethat I have a coach to sleep in.

Thequestion ran through my head, “How does a person get there?” I know there isn’t an answer. We all end up somewhere. The next question was, “I wonder if I could help?” The answer is, without even getting in to it, “NO!” I can’t change their life and I can’t take them home with me. And there are thousands of them. Most of the time it leaves me with a cold, empty pang of despair on their behalf – today it drifted across my thoughts and disappeared. I’m thankful when it happens like that.

As I cruised on down Trop, it was such a great feeling to not be faced with some little shit car trying to cut me off orcrash in to me. The traffic was almost not there. I made Bellagio’s parking garage and parked in the ‘oversize vehicle’ parking section on the ground floor where I always park, grabbed all of my gear and headed for the 10th floor. The 10th floor is finished but coned off and no cars park there…yet. It was colder than I wanted it to be, a little windy, and still gray, as I half jogged my way down to the end where I was going to start shooting pictures. Because these pictures are so much better if they are larger, they will be inserted in thumbnail format, just click the picture for a bigger view…oh…and before I start with them, this is a model – a projected model with a disclaimer on it:

This is the view that one would see from the Strip side, east looking west:


The next view is from the Tropicana area, a view from the Monte Carlo, south looking north:


This view is from the freeway side – west looking east:


I’m chuckling over this one:


Crossing Tropicana, heading West, after one crosses the freeway, the first street to the right is Dean Martin Dr. That’s the street the next few pictures are from. I was on the west side of the freeway and the first picture starts with Bellagio’s employee garage on the far left:


Freeway side with a zoom shot of the construction:


The buildings in the background are New York New York, check out all of the cement trucks at the bottom of the picture. Of course all these big projects have their own cement factory right on the grounds.


From the 10th floor of the employee garage, Bellagio’s Casino and Hotel parking garage is on the left, the giant hole that’s being dug in front of me is another casino and hotel that is NOT related to Project City Center, it is right behind the Jockey Club (from the Strip view – here, in this picture, the Jockey Club is behind the building that the giant hole is being dug around). Harmon is the street running through the entire project (temporarily closed for the construction). The buildings in the background are the Aladdin, I am East facing West, the freeway is at my back, the Strip – Las Vegas Boulevard – is on the other side of the construction in front of me.


This is a zoom of the dig for the OTHER casino.


This is a view of Harmon, running to the Strip, between the dig of the OTHER casino and the beginning of construction on Project City Center buildings that are on the right.


The MGM is the green building in the background of this shot:


The Monte Carlo is directly behind the construction here:


Whatever this building is, it ends here on the right. Monte Carlo is still behind the construction.


The ground is still being ripped and moved out of the way on the right – the freeway is not visible but it is on the right in this shot.


Mandalay Bay is straight ahead, far background building, the freeway is directly on the right.


From the top floor of Bellagio Casino and Hotel parking garage, looking South East, MGM in the background, the first crane (orange base)is where the Boardwalk used to stand.


In one of the Project City Center updates, I have a picture of what’s left standing of thehotel of The Boardwalk, and through the destroyed levels of floors without walls, you can see New York New York in the back ground. This is what the whole section looks like now with all the debris of the Boardwalk moved out a long time ago:


One final shot, taken from the Strip, over the top of the green plastic garbed, wire fence and concrete blockade that surrounds the whole project and keeps us from harm’s way while the guys inside pound the Earth and build 24/7, I am standing about where ‘happy clown face’ used to stand when the Boardwalk was an active casino/hotel.


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Latest Project City Center update.

5 thoughts on “Project City Center VI”

  1. Just a couple things…
    1. The hole around the Jockey Club is the new Cosmopolitan (sp) Hotel and Casino – it will wrap around the Club and be 50 or so stories.
    2. If you are the one updating the Wiki site (nice job on that if you are) the current level of construction is Level 2…they are building the floor for Level 3 right now. The bottom 4 levels are B, S, 1 (Casino Level) and 2. 3 is the start of the hotel rooms.
    Thats all, nice blog!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment on the blog, and for filling in the blanks with the name of ‘the hole’, and adding the floor levels that are going up now.

    I’m not the person updating wiki. I just honestly don’t have time to do any of it but I wish I did. Wiki is great.

  3. I got a chuckle out of the "whatever this building is" comment. 😀

    It’s a monster; they will be hitting typical levels in a cople of weeks, so it will be gaining elevation quickly beginning next year..

    And technically, that is not where the building (that the public will know) ends; that is where the concrete (conventional and post-tensioned concrete frame) ends. There is a significant quantity of steel framing that will connect into what you see in place- and much more structure to the North-West of the tower. Also, what you see is pretty close to the expansion joint, so the framing in that area will be at construction stages completely (concievably) independent of eachother..

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