Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I started on Table 6, $20-$40 Omaha 8 or Better with a half kill. The game was mediocre. Double A must be on the losing streak of his lifetime because I never see him with a lot of chips and he’s always tight lipped and non-smiling. He’s one of my favorites, wish poker wasn’t so damn harsh at times.

The funny part of the game was when Morris won a hand. He hogged the pot and didn’t know it. They heckled him and told him he was just like Puggy. Morris said, “Puggy really had a swearing fit and gave the dealer hell today.”

I said, “Why don’t you tell him to knock it off.”

Morris, “Then he’d swear at me.”

Me, “You’re a man, you can handle it.”

Morris, “I couldn’t handle a five year old.”

Everyone cracked up. That was the high spot of the game.


There was a little rock and roller $100-$200 Blind Holdem game on Table 8. It’s been a steady happening for the last week. Rock and roll is definitely the word for it. Lots of chips and action. The player in the 5s is the biggest part of the action as he likes to play a lot of hands out of position…position hell, he just likes to play a lot of hands.

He told the other players tonight that that’s why he won $18,000 one night last week, he plays anything that adds up to 20 or 19 suited…he lied…he turned over 9-10 Off and won a big pot with it. Hello Gamble!!!

He asked once, “Isn’t that right, Linda Baby?”

I smiled and agreed with him. Far be it from me to ever disagree with someone that wants to gamble and is having a good time doing it.


I dealt a $15-$30 Holdem game that makes me wonder why anyone would ever complain about the ‘one player to a hand’ rule. The guy sitting behind his wife (she was in the 1s) talked to her in a foreign language from time to time. Neither one of them knew what ‘she’ was doing. At the end of my down, she asked if three pair beat two pair. With my best straight face in place, I explained that the best five cards played.

She turned to her husband and told him…he nodded as if he’d just figured out the secrets of the Universe.

I got pushed and ran for a ‘hand ranking’ card. Returned with it and gave it to him/her. How can you not love these games?


A $25-$50 Blind NLH game was in progress and the guy in the 8s kept throwing all of his chips in…sometimes without looking at his cards. I dealt about fifteen minutes of the game and he went ‘bust’ and left and the game broke up. A few of the players were still sitting there talking but the game was over. Word at the table was that he’d gone through $10,000…just gave it away.

I got pushed. About fifteen minutes into my next down, the guy came back. The game cranked right up again. Wonder why…