The Stranger is reported to be $1M ahead

For all of you that always wondered who the player was that spiced up the games to $10,000-$20,000 – this page gives you a basic background/idea of the man that came into Bellagio and played high limit poker this year with the best of the best.

I was off over the weekend.  Report as of last night when I went in was that he was $1,000,000 ahead until Monday’s play and they busted him.  Will try to follow up with more accurate information after tonight.

Word is the stranger is gone

I was off over the weekend so missed any news that might have happened.  When I went to work on Monday, news was the big game just broke up…that was 7 p.m.

Tuesday I dealt a heads-up, half 7 Card Stud/Chinese Poker game $500-$1,000 limit. I asked one of the players about Our Stranger.  Apparently he’s gone.  He was going to play on Monday…everyone showed up but him.  🙂